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Disaster Relief

When a disaster strikes, quick response can drastically shrink the human toll, and help the community recover more quickly. However, even if you’re quick to respond, a couple weeks of

Food Security

Visit HFUSA Food Pantries Humanity First USA believes that food security is a basic human right. But around the world, that right is still being denied to far too many.

Gift of Sight

Many of us in the developed world can afford to take our vision for granted. If we have minor eyesight problems, most of us can easily find a doctor to

Global Health

No one should suffer or die of curable diseases or descend into poverty to cover their healthcare costs. Yet, for billions of people around the world, treatable illnesses can be

Knowledge of Life

Education is one of the greatest gifts you can give. It enables children to turn their natural curiosity about the world into the foundation of a better future, and helps

Water for Life

Safe and clean drinking water is one of the most fundamental human rights there are. Yet, billions of people lack access to an adequate water source. According to the World