Munum Naeem 04/17/2020 - HumanityFirst

Munum Naeem 04/17/2020

Post by Javad Ahmad |
on May 6, 2020 |

My Fellow Americans:

I want to share with you a sentiment today that remains documented in the history of humanitarian work in the United States of America. A sentiment worthy of no worldly achievement, a triumph that neither was born or begotten, a reputation to which we hold aware and alert: we represent one purpose, to serve Humanity First.

In these unprecedented times, the entire world has paused. COVID-19 has hurt millions of people physically, emotionally and financially. We are living in an age where growth to the institutions we abide in has become obscure, but we must not lose faith and sight in our humility, our unity and our humanity.

Standing tall and together, we will come out of this crisis stronger and ever more determined. We thank our first responders for keeping us safe when we go to bed at night and we thank our essential workers for educating us in the day.

Humanity First USA has responded to serve our purpose: putting people, our neighborhood and our communities first. Serving over 50,000 pounds of food to the hundreds of cars that knock on our driveways, we feed over 25,000 meals around the country in the past 1 month alone. We have become a federally funded food pantry in Willingboro, provided food to undocumented immigrants in Chicago, helped the poor in Houston while serving the elderly in Seattle. We went to grocery stores and hospitals in Miami and made over 300 hand-sewn masks so our global healthcare community can protect themselves from COVID-19.

Whether we donate gift cards to families in Atlanta or work over 31 hours giving food to the poor in Philadelphia or partner with Snap on Wheels in New York, Humanity First remains your corner store delivering humanity first.

Our strength comes from the passion of our volunteers. A volunteer in Toledo Ohio went out of his way to feed a family of seven who said to him, “this is the best meal we have had all week!”

Around the country, people are waiting long hours just to have Humanity First service their needs. Humanity First continues to tuck many smiles to bed every night because for them, Humanity is always first.

You, my friends are always first! We would not be here today without your continuous generous support. We would not be able to help feed a mother of four in Manassas Virginia or help a shuttle driver with a little extra income. It is because of your kindness and generosity that a family can be nourished in Central Jersey and Silver Spring, Maryland.

We need more food pantries. We need more volunteers. We need YOU!

 Humanity First is committed to continue this noble task with your help. Please join us and be part of this campaign: HFWECARE.

Your kindness is much appreciated in this critical time of need.

Donate today at

 Sincerely your friend,

Munum Naeem

Executive Director

Humanity First USA