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Safe and clean drinking water is one of the most fundamental human rights there are. Yet, billions of people lack access to an adequate water source. According to the World Health Organization, two billion people (or more) worldwide must drink water contaminated by faeces, and 844 million people lack access to an improved water source within a 30 minute round trip. Through the Water for Life initiative, Humanity First USA is working to eliminate these dangerous and inhumane conditions with the help of donors and volunteers like you.
The State of Global Clean Water
Global safe water access is at crisis levels. Poor water management and conservation, over-utilization, conflict and lack of sustainable and equitable development pose major problems. Poorer areas, refugee camps and other informal settlements, and rural regions are particularly at risk. In some of the least developed regions people still depend on contaminated surface water, with no filtration or safety controls. This water crisis exacerbates other problems underserved communities face, such as lack of food and the threat of disease. The WHO estimates that diarrhea from unsafe water and inadequate sanitation kills 842,000 people every year, including 361,000 children under the age of five. Water contamination from heavy metals and other toxins also extracts a huge toll, causing neurological disorders and other life-long health conditions, as well as premature death. And with climate change and population growth further straining water supplies, the situation could soon get much, much worse.
How the Water for Life Initiative Helps
Humanity First USA helps poor and underserved communities access clean drinking water. Our Water For Life initiative has served 210,000 people between 2016-2018. Not only do we provide emergency clean drinking water solutions in disasters, we also help communities improve their own water availability, for example by digging wells for clean water, fixing pumps and providing technical assistance for water management. But digging water wells, and installing hand pumps in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and other places with water issues isn’t enough. That’s why we also invest in communities by training local technicians and engineers, and furnishing them with the modern tools they’ll need to maintain a safe, clean supply of drinking water for their communities. Water shortage is a global problem, but it doesn’t have to be. By becoming a member of Humanity First, you can help the Water for Life initiative alleviate water shortages around the world.


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