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No one should suffer or die of curable diseases or descend into poverty to cover their healthcare costs. Yet, for billions of people around the world, treatable illnesses can be a death sentence.

According to the World Health Organization, fewer than half of people worldwide receive adequate healthcare. When healthcare is available, it’s often unaffordable, pushing 100 million people into poverty in just a single year.

While many world health charities focus on relief work to cope with public health disasters, such as outbreaks or wars, there remains a serious lack of public health infrastructure in developing countries. Medical aid organizations can provide crucial emergency relief, but when they are gone, the community will be without medical care yet again, leading to unnecessary deaths, poverty and diminished quality of life.

Humanity First USA: Global Health Charity Beyond Disaster Relief

At Humanity First USA, we believe disaster relief is important, but it’s not enough. We’re dedicated to staying in communities and building sustainable healthcare infrastructure that can improve health and access for underserved communities. Humanity First USA has served more than 77,000 people in the last three years (2016-2018), combining state-of-the-art hospitals, community health centers and mobile clinics to maximize our reach and effect.

In many areas, we’re the only medical aid organization providing high quality healthcare to underserved communities. For example, our health center in Bamako, Mali is the only around-the-clock center in the area, staffed by physicians and medical professionals.

Although it was only established in 2013, it has already become a Ministry of Health partner — one of the few private partners to achieve this. It served over 40,000 people in between 2016-2018 alone, and performed 1,500 cataract surgeries through our Gift of Sight program.

In 2014, we established another medical center — the Asih Sasama (Love for All) Medical Center in Indonesia. The center provides desperately-needed care to 4,000 patients annually in the remote villages of the Gunung Kidul district.

Our 2018 Nasir Hospital in Guatemala is perhaps our most ambitious and successful medical project yet. The center serves a population of over 2.5 million people, offering complete healthcare treatment to an underserved population and providing many local job opportunities.

What enables us to provide all this care? The selfless work and generous donations of our members. As a volunteer-driven organization, we’re able to stretch donations further than most charities, with approximately 90% of donations going directly towards running our programs.


Nasir Hospital Guatemala About Nasir Hospital Nasir Hospital  strengthen and expand Humanity First’s vision of providing medical services to under served communities in need. Nasir Hospital is providing equitable access…

TWO New Healthcenters
ONE New Hospital in Guatemala, providing healthcare access to 2.5 indigenous population
SEVEN Mobile Camps in a year


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