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Humanity First works to improve healthcare systems & services. Our projects provide direct relief to individuals and communities in need and build the capacity of the local healthcare system and professionals.


Almost half of the world’s population does not have access to essential healthcare services. Each year as many as hundred (100) million people are pushed into debt or poverty due to out-of-pocket healthcare costs. Growing health disparities between nations and within nations are caused by factors including age, disability, geographic location, gender and sexual identity, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic status.                  

According to the World Health Statistics 2020, “the income level of a country has a direct correlation with life expectancy. The life expectancy of low-income countries is 18.1 years lower than high-income countries.” Even within the US, ZIP code can have more effect on an individual’s health outcomes than their genetic code.    


Humanity First improves healthcare systems and services to achieve health equity for underserved communities and individuals around the world.                                                           

We work with host governments, healthcare organizations, and local communities to address their needs through our Global Health programs.

OUR SOLUTIONS                                                                                                   

  • Gift of Health surgical and medical missions provide direct services, mobile medical clinics, and training for healthcare professionals to build local capacity.                           
  • Gift of Sight missions combat low vision and blindness.                  
  • HF Healthcare Services hospitals and medical centers are investments in regional long-term and sustainable healthcare.
  • Support to upgrade existing healthcare facilities modernizes our partners’ diagnostic equipment, medicines, supplies, and other necessities.

In many areas, we’re the only medical aid organization providing high quality healthcare to underserved communities.

  • Nasir Hospital in Guatemala is a sustainable hospital model serving a region of over 2.5 million people. The hospital offers complete healthcare treatment to an underserved population and provides local job opportunities.
  • Our health center in Bamako, Mali is the only around-the-clock center in the area. Established in 2013, it is a Ministry of Health partner — one of the few private partners to achieve this. The center offers regular care to thousands of people and provides cataract surgeries through our Gift of Sight program.
  • The Asih Sasama (Love for All) Medical Center in Indonesia, established in 2014, cares for 4,000 patients annually in the remote villages of the Gunung Kidul district.


Nasir Hospital Guatemala About Nasir Hospital Nasir Hospital strengthens and expands Humanity First USA’s vision to establish sustainable healthcare facilities for communities in need. Nasir Hospital provides access to affordable,…

TWO New Healthcenters
ONE New Hospital in Guatemala, providing healthcare access to 2.5 indigenous population
SEVEN Mobile Camps in a year


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