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Humanity First USA believes that food security is a basic human right. But around the world, that right is still being denied to far too many. Nearly a billion people around the world are facing food insecurity, due to poverty, natural disasters, conflicts and crises. Humanity First USA works with our volunteers and partners to serve the hungry, and eradicate the root causes of food insecurity through sustainable solutions.
What is Food Insecurity?
Food insecurity is the absence of adequate resources to maintain a consistent, nourishing diet. The United States Department of Agriculture defines food insecurity as “a household-level economic and social condition of limited or uncertain access to adequate food.” This can mean actual starvation conditions, where communities lack adequate calories to sustain themselves, but it doesn’t have to. Even if a family has enough caloric intake, they may suffer negative effects from poor food quality and variety.
The State of World Food Security
For years, the global community was making slow but steady progress towards eradicating food security. According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, between 2005 and 2014, the prevalence of undernourishment declined from impacting 945 million to 783.7 million. However, beginning in 2015 food insecurity began to rise, reaching 820.8 million in 2017. Fully 10.9% of the world are undernourished, and in Eastern Africa, the number is 31.4% — almost one third of the population
How is Humanity First Helping Making Food Secure?
Food Security in the USA
Humanity First USA is working to ensure no one goes hungry by fighting food insecurity at home and abroad. In the USA, our food security program has reduced hunger and food wastage, raised awareness and provided more than 80,000 meals through fourteen pantries, three soup kitchens and tens of serving events in locations across the country. Our ongoing programs include:
  • Establishing & supporting food pantries
  • Organizing food drives
  • Setting up soup kitchens
  • Sponsoring healthy eating and gardening programs at schools in underserved communities
  • Advocating for healthy eating and food conservation
  • Partnering with other organizations who share a common vision to make America hunger-free.
Hurricane Disaster Relief
In addition to our regular operations, we’ve distributed food during natural disasters that affected America, including Hurricane Maria, Harvey and Sandy. During Hurricane Maria our disaster relief team provided critical relief to hundreds of families in isolated mountain communities, including over 50,000 meals, along with water and other needed supplies.
Mali Disaster Relief
The Timbuktu region in the North of Mali has struggled with conflict, drought, and hunger, greatly exacerbated by ongoing climate change. In 2017, Humanity First worked with local authorities to provide staple foods for the Mali population. In just five days, we transported 14,000 pounds of rice and distributed it to Malians in Timbuktu. We brought another 2,500 pounds of rice to food insecure people displaced in the Segou region. In total, we distributed enough supplies for 168,000 meals.
Feed Humanity, at Home and Abroad
Food insecurity is a massive problem, affecting hundreds of millions of people worldwide. With your help, however, we can change that. Our society has the resources to make sure no one goes hungry. For just $50 a month, you can ensure a food insecure child in America receives healthy, nutritious meals they need to grow. And with approximately 90% of our funds going directly to our programs, Humanity First USA will ensure that your generous donation stretches as far as possible to alleviate hunger and end human suffering.
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Visit HFUSA Food Pantries Humanity First USA is working hard to support the needs of our communities. We are working hard to stock our food pantries and partnering with other…

10.9 %

of the World is Undernourished

31.4 %

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per month ensures Food Security for a child in USA