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The mission of the program: 

We aim to restore communities and build a better future for the impacted. Our activities are focused on disaster readiness and mitigation before disasters happen, provide medical and humanitarian relief during the disaster, and post-disaster rehabilitation and reconstruction.


Morocco Earthquake

Maui Fire

Typhoon Mawar in Guam

Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria


Floods, drought, storms, famine, epidemics, and wars impact millions of lives each year.  Most recently, conflicts and wars in different parts of the world such as Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East have resulted in tens of thousands of fatalities, displacements, and inflicted great destruction upon those nations.  Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has not only caused millions of fatalities but has crippled global economies and pushed millions of people into poverty.


We work with the host governments, humanitarian agencies, civil society organizations, and local communities to offer preparedness and adaptable relief services according to the nature and magnitude of the disaster, such as:

  • Disaster preparedness and response courses
  • Immediate medical and humanitarian relief operations
  • Medium and long-term recovery projects


Humanity First disaster relief teams follow internationally recognized standards in responding to disasters.  We have developed standard operating procedures and training manuals which are followed by all Humanity First countries around the world.  This way, in times of disasters our relief missions around the world are ready to collaborate within and outside the organization without any delay.



Humanity First Disaster Relief Team is an EMT in collaboration with the UN WHO EMT initiative.

Only teams certified and in collaboration with the WHO can respond to Sudden Onset Disasters (SOD) and medical emergencies around the world. Qualified EMTs must receive a direct invitation through the WHO and the Ministry of Health of the host nation that is inflicted by the SOD. 

This rigorous certification process ensures that the EMTs responding to these global incidents are constituted of members that are fully trained to practice quality emergency healthcare in the country of need. The EMT must be able to augment the capacity of the inflicted nation with limited resources available.  Additionally, the team must be fully equipped, self-sufficient, and capable to deploy within 24 hours of invitation from the WHO and MoH. Upon arrival, the EMT is ready to serve without reliance or assistance from the host nation, except through collaboration. 

Humanity First – EMT has been recognized by the WHO while undergoing its rigorous certification process and has already served in several major disasters around the world upon direct invitation from the WHO. The Humanity First EMT proudly continues to maintain the highest standards expected of the UN WHO EMT initiative.


Ukraine Crisis
Afghan Refugee Relief
Hurricane IDA
COVID-19 Response


Morocco Earthquake The 6.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Morocco just days ago has already claimed over 2,100 lives. Thousands of others are injured and displaced, unable to return to unstable…

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People Served


People Served
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