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Mexico is a country of stark inequality. While rapid industrialization and a booming export industry propelled Mexican growth starting in the late 19th century, the average Mexican family has had relatively little to show for it. Today, 52% of Mexican children live in poverty. Among indigenous children, the number is over 78%.

As a prosperous neighbor, we believe American development and disaster relief organizations have a special responsibility to help poor and underserved communities in Mexico. Humanity First USA works diligently to this end, from providing aid to alleviate natural disasters, to assisting with sustainable development.


Providing International Disaster Relief in Mexico

As a volunteer and donor-driven development and disaster relief charity, Humanity First has active members on the ground all over the world, enabling us to react quickly and effectively in emergencies.

That international presence proved invaluable in the immediate aftermath of the 2017 Puebla earthquake. The magnitude 7.1 earthquake followed an even more powerful quake just 12 days earlier. But unlike the previous Chiapas quake, the Puebla quake struck near the densely populated capital, Mexico City, causing hundreds of deaths and leaving thousands injured.

Humanity First was on the ground quickly, with American, Mexican and Guatemalan volunteers distributing emergency supplies to anyone who needed them. Working with local disaster relief organizations and charities, we were able to provide food, water and hygiene supplies, both in Mexico City and in La Nopalera in Morelos State. We also built a shelter, giving hundreds of displaced residents access to clean water, shower facilities and a kitchen.

Ongoing Mexico Development Work

Humanity First USA has provided ongoing and mobile support in Mexico. In March, 2017, The Humanity First Student Organization aided experts organizing a six-day women’s and children’s health clinic, as part of our Gift of Health mission. With your help, we’ll continue to serve the people of Mexico in building a happier, healthier more prosperous society, and be ready for any future emergencies.

Mexican Children live in poverty


Mexican Children live in poverty
Humanity First is a great blessing to the entire community of Budaka … We the leaders of Budaka District are greatly impressed by the exemplary character of the leadership of...
Mulomi Samuel, District Chairman Budaka, Uganda
Mulomi Samuel, District Chairman Budaka, Uganda

We should be there to wipe away the tears of those who have been left bereft, heartbroken and vulnerable. We should be there to give hope to those who were previously hopeless.

Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba) - Worldwide Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community