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Guyana is a beautiful country bordering the Atlantic coast of South America. Sparsely populated outside the coastal region, Guyana is a land rich in resources — from its gold and bauxite deposits to the incredible vistas of a massive unspoiled rainforest.

Yet, in spite of its natural abundance and beauty, Guyana suffers serious economic problems, with 36 percent of the population living in moderate poverty and 19 percent — or almost one in five — living in extreme poverty. Natural disasters compound this problem, with flooding in particular posing a major hazard along the coastal population centers.

Humanity First USA has worked to alleviate human suffering in Guyana by performing disaster relief, including helping the country cope with a devastating 2005 flood.


2005 Flood Disaster Relief

In 2005, record rainfall devastated the coastal region of Guyana. With its dense population and geographical location, the coastal lowlands are particularly vulnerable to flooding. Over 300,000 were displaced along the coastal region, and recovery resources were desperately short.

Humanity First USA worked with Humanity First Guyana to assist in recovery. As a national chapter of an international organization with chapters all over the world, we’re able to quickly collaborate to address natural and manmade disasters with volunteers and resources on the ground.

In Guyana, we helped establish three separate food distribution and medical camps throughout the coastal region, staffed with doctors and other volunteers to address the urgent needs of displaced Guyanans. This included not only providing food, water, and treatment for the injured, but also addressing the risks of waterborne diseases that can dramatically increase the death toll of floods.

Humanity First USA was able to quickly get more than $10,000 worth of medicines to the Guyana team, along with volunteer doctors to provide relief in the overburdened medical camp. We also worked with the Guyanese Embassy to send three containers of food and medicine along with over $700,000 in supplies. Together with Humanity First Guyana, we distributed over 8,300 meals and treated more than 4,500 patients.


The New Beginning

In 2018, Humanity First USA initiated a new country strategy and several new development projects have been launched in Guyana. We acquired a property and converted it into Humanity First Guyana country office. Additionally, it also has a training academy where vocational training in languages, IT and several other skills is offered.

With the help of local volunteers, Humanity First is organizing medical camps, serving hot meals, distributing dry rations in some of the most vulnerable communities.

Help Humanity First USA deliver urgent help and long-term development in Guyana — and wherever else it is needed. Get involved today!

Guyanans are living in extreme poverty


Guyanans are living in extreme poverty

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