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Humanity First, USA – Telethon ...

Humanity First USA is holding a Live Telethon on Saturday, September 28th, 2019 to share the impact you helped make in people’s lives.

The Live Telethon will broadcast all day from 12 PM till 7 PM Eastern Time at

In the Live Global Telethon 2019, representatives of Humanity First country offices in the UK, Canada, Pakistan and many others will share updates for their respective projects. 

Join us to watch and hear personal experiences and inspirational stories of Humanity First USA's team members, volunteers and donors. 


  • Join Team Humanity First by donating or creating your own fundraising page here and share with your family, friends and colleagues. Every dollar you raise can save someone's life.
  • Check with your employer if they will match your donation.
  • Consider becoming a monthly donor by selecting "Monthly" on donation page!
  • Here’s what your 12 monthly donations can do:
    • $8 a month for one year can restore vision of a blind person by providing free Cataract surgery.
    • $10 a month for one year can help an expecting mother with regular care and safe delivery.
    • $10 a month for one year supports training of women in sewing skills to support their families, or providing for education of a child at Humanity First schools in Africa.  
    • $50 a month for one year can provide a child in America with access to food and nutrition.
    • $50 a month can provide free care to several deserving patients at Nasir Hospital in Guatemala. 
    • $125 a month for one year can provide clean drinking water to an entire village by installing a handpump.      
  • Watch our live broadcast along with your loved ones, call-in, chat with us, share some words of appreciation for our volunteers, it will go a long way in keeping them motivated.
  • Spread the word and support our causes.

If you want to make a financial pledge to be paid at a later date, please fill out the pledge form HERE! 

Click Here For Humanity First USA's Annual Report 2018

Thank You For Your Support!

From: September 28, 2019
To: October 29, 2019

$1 M


$122.11 K


$644.41 K


$766.52 K

Total Raised


Total Transactions


Avg. Donation Amount

$3.65 K

Highest Donation Amount

Top 5 States

Donations Collected

Top Teams

Gulf Team
$17,212 raised (43.03%) 6 members
Central East
$10,803 raised (36.01%) 4 members
New York
$10,773 raised (53.86%) 3 members
$9,940 raised (66.26%) 6 members
South East Region
$9,876 raised (32.92%) 3 members
DC Metro Team
$9,068 raised (13.95%) 12 members
Southwest Region
$7,509 raised (21.45%) 6 members
Northwest Region
$7,116 raised (28.46%) 5 members
Fort Worth Jamaat
$2,511 raised (50.22%) 1 members
Great Lakes Region
$2,242 raised (11.21%) 3 members
Humanity First Student Organization at Cornell
$1,422 raised (94.78%) 0 members
North East
$889 raised (4.04%) 4 members
Fitchburg Jamaat
$500 raised (10.01%) 0 members
The Greater Chicago
$254 raised (50.84%) 0 members
$156 raised (2.61%) 0 members
Hartford Connecticut
$68 raised (1.69%) 0 members
Chicago Team
$36 raised (0.18%) 0 members
HF National Team
$5 raised (0.02%) 1 members

Top Individuals

No individuals to show.

Campaign Activity

Komal Munir donated $100.00
aftab khan donated $26.00
Fareed Butt donated $1,042.00
Muhammad Arshad donated $20.00
Sarwat Malik donated $1,500.00
$10.00 was donated anonymously
$125.00 was donated anonymously
$30.00 was donated anonymously
$30.00 was donated anonymously
Mohammad Z Ahmad donated $125.00
Mahmooda Watson donated $10.42
Muhammad Ejaz donated $52.10
Shahedah Shah donated $100.00
$100.00 was donated anonymously
Luqman Ahmad donated $20.00
WAQAS HAFEEZ donated $50.00
Gohar Choudhary donated $104.20
$25.00 was donated anonymously
aftab khan donated $25.00
$130.25 was donated anonymously
$5.00 was donated anonymously
Veronica Taggart donated $10.42
Muzaffar Quraishi donated $50.00
Nusrat Chaudhry donated $41.68
Ayesha Khan donated $10.00
Henah Chaudhry donated $20.00
Atiqa Nasir donated $10.00
merrick moses donated $5.21
$52.10 was donated anonymously
Abdulkarim Paracha donated $10.42
Murtaaz Malik donated $10.42
Shifa Ahmed donated $26.05
Obaid Siddiqui donated $104.20
$20.84 was donated anonymously
Amatul Ahmed donated $41.68
Zobia Khan donated $50.00

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