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Humanity First International is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.  In 25 years, Humanity First expanded its operations in 52 countries; and impacted millions of lives, through its Disaster Relief and Human Development programs.

The generous donations and precious volunteer hours from our supporters enable us to continue to serve our mission.  We are extremely grateful to the support and generosity offered by our supporters.

In the coming 25 years we are determined to expand our reach and impact even further - and look forward to your support.

Oshkosh Community has a long history of coming together to support fellow human beings across the globe.

With its global reach and a tremendous network of volunteers, Humanity First provides a unique opportunity for its supporters to maximize the impact of their donations.

Please support our mission by making a generous donation ...

From: March 16, 2020

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$17.19 K

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$104.20 was donated anonymously
Mirza Ahmad donated $521.00
Mirza Nabeel Ahmed donated $500.00
Mirza Nabeel Ahmed, Oshkosh
$750.00 was donated anonymously
$10,000.00 was donated anonymously
Hashim Mumtaz donated $1,042.00
Khurram Ahmad donated $521.00
$2,500.00 was donated anonymously
Saad Ahmad donated $1,100.00
$156.30 was donated anonymously
Also donated $200 about a week ago
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