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Nasir Hospital Care Fund

The Nasir Hospital has been a dream come true. It was made possible through contributions of our generous donors and supporters from all walks of life. The Nasir Hospital was Inaugurated on October 23rd, 2018 and aims to provide equal healthcare to people from all socioeconomic backgrounds in Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. The Nasir Hospital is established through a subsidiary of Humanity First USA, named HF Healthcare which aims to strengthen and expand the vision of Humanity First to provide healthcare services to underserved communities around the world through establishment of state-of-the-art hospitals. Our real work begins now with opening of the Nasir hospital built with such dedication and love. Your continued contributions will help the Hospital run efficiently and pay for care of the deserving patients who otherwise have no means to afford healthcare. Now, more than ever, the Nasir Hospital and the people it serve need your support! DONATE GENEROUSLY AND GIVE THE GIFT OF HEALTH AND LIFE!

From: December 20, 2018
To: January 01, 1970

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$23.66 K

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$11.89 was donated anonymously
Sarfraz Ahmad donated $100.00
Shazia Sohail donated $104.20
Nafees Awan donated $50.00
Mohammad Qureshi donated $26.05
$7.99 was donated anonymously
$25.26 was donated anonymously
$312.60 was donated anonymously
$500.00 was donated anonymously
Syeda Aniza Bibi donated $26.40
$104.20 was donated anonymously
I visited Nasir Hospital last year as volunteer and was impressed with the quality of services they provide at affordable price.
Minahil Ahmad donated $10.00
Rahema Nasir donated $100.00
Saeeda Shabnam donated $20.00
Dr Amtul Rehman Ahmad donated $521.00
For Pediatrics Department
Saleha Ahmed donated $100.00
$260.50 was donated anonymously
Nadia Malik donated $521.00
Ansa Rehmatullah donated $104.20
$104.20 was donated anonymously
With love from the December 2019 Gift of Health Team: Minahil Asif, Yolirys Aponte, Rabeea Summer Rehman, Kelli Jenkins, Musa Lughmani, Sydnee Woods, Julia Peeples
$150.00 was donated anonymously

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