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General Donation

Humanity First USA strives to maximize the impact of every gifted dollar. Approximately 90% of cash donations received are spent directly on projects that serve the vulnerable in the USA and around the world. Your monthly recurring donations make it possible for us to plan in advance and provide for example, sustained educational support to students, medicine and treatment to the sick, regular checkups/screenings/scans and safe delivery of infants for expecting mothers, monthly food rations to the hungry, and in several other ways.

From: September 22, 2015
To: September 22, 2025

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$725.5 K




$725.5 K

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$15 K

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Noorudin Ahmad donated $25.00
$52.10 was donated anonymously
Aleema Bhatti donated $104.20
KDANDD LLC donated $10.42
Tahir rajpoot donated $26.05
$26.05 was donated anonymously
Bushra Choudry donated $100.00
MOHIUDDIN OVEE donated $104.20
Mansoora Masroor donated $20.00
Nusrat Bashir donated $5.21
Syed Saqib donated $26.05
Khurram Ahmad donated $100.00
Ansar Malik donated $52.10
$26.05 was donated anonymously
Haroon Munawar donated $52.10
Naheed Ahmad donated $10.42
Usman Rana donated $88.57
Mohammad Ashraf donated $100.00
$8.34 was donated anonymously
Nausheen Khokhar donated $100.00
Razia Salik Bhatia donated $26.05
Inamullah Virk donated $104.20
Ahmad Mahdi donated $104.20
Mansoora Choudhry donated $52.10
Umerana Malik donated $50.00
Umerana Malik donated $52.10

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