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Final Dorian Update by Hasan Naeem fr...

Post by Javad Ahmad |
on October 13, 2019 |

Dear All,

Yesterday, marked the 36th day of Humanity First’s Disaster Response EMT mission in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian and I am happy to report that we have successfully completed our mission at the Cooper’s Town Community Clinic.

With mixed emotions, waiting as the last team member to board my flight back to Canada in Nassau, on Behalf of Humanity First, thank you EVERYONE for your extraordinary support and dedication. Humanity First strongly appreciates and thanks you for your dedication, volunteerism and incredible performance throughout this Disaster Response.

In the day and age where greed is making everyone focus on getting and receiving, few angles and superheroes like you are still committed to giving and helping.

Special THANKS to HARP, for your continuous support and partnership in this mission. Brian initiated a brilliant idea of getting the effected community together by organizing a community BBQ and Burke you made it Happen! A Job Well done Sir. Everyone one of our team members and members of the local Community enjoyed participating in this get-together.

Once again, A Million THANKS to ALL OF YOU. Everyone has been a dedicated Volunteer and have shown how important it is to help others without getting PAID. We truly appreciate your kind in so many ways.

Enjoy a few pictures and videos from last couple of days and our apologize if there have been any shortcomings from any of us in the Leadership Roles.