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Dorian Diaries

Post by Javad Ahmad |
on October 10, 2019 |

Humanity First USA and Canada works together to provide relief efforts in Bahamas.

Dear All, Yesterday, marked the 36th day of Humanity First’s Disaster Response EMT mission in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian
Today team continue to work on fixing and cleaning the damaged clinic in Cooperstown. Doctors saw 22 patients today. One
From Cooperstown Clinic, Abaco Island, Bahamas: Medical lead this week: Dr Faheem Ahmed. Chicago: ——- CLINIC: The medical team saw
Team 2 arrived in Nassau and will be taken on private plane.
Yesterday was Sunday and was slow; team saw only 3 patients, today we saw approx 12 patients. Only routine clinic
Good return visits for follow ups on storm related wound care and diabetes & BP management. It was a first
Dr Daud was able to get in touch with Brian, our team lead on the ground in Cooperstown. Our camp
Our team lead’s Message from Cooperstown our final destination where PAHO-WHO sent us. Hello all! The advance team is in
Humanity First Team along with other NGOs meet the Ministry of Health and WHO in Bahamas before leaving for Coopers
Based on latest intel, our Dorian HF EMT1 Team lead Brian is planning on getting the team to Coopers Town