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How a disaster changes one’s pe...

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on December 26, 2015 |

While passing out supply kits to victims of the tornado which hit Rockwall, Texas December 26th of 2015, I came across some touching stories:

One particular story sticks in my mind of a woman who came to our table looking lost. She was maybe middle age or more, and began to thank me for everything we were doing for her. She was kind and that stuck out to me because how was she so kind to us after such a loss. She began to tell me how she heard a sound and ducked in her apartment on the floor of her kitchen only to feel water dripping on her skin and seconds later felt the sun beating down on her face. She couldn’t understand how and when she looked up, she saw the roof was gone. All her walls were gone except for the front door and above her door where an angel hung. After that day she made it her mission to show kindness to every person she ever met. She didn’t feel she was worthy for God to have saved her but she would show Him she was worthy. She was going to work hard to show Him.

Stories like this are what make the work we do worth doing.

When I see children who have just lost everything like Christmas toys they just received the day before, walking around without shoes or socks in the dead of winter, I want to do more. It makes our job that much more significant. We brought toys to those kids and gave them another Christmas.