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COVID-19 Stories - HumanityFirstCOVID-19 Stories - HumanityFirst

COVID-19 Stories

Stories from around the United States

Houston Serving Humanity

#Houston held the largest Humanity First USA food distribution under #HfweCare campaign in response to #COVID19 48000 meals were served!Total 600K by Humanity First USAWe will go as far as

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HFUSA establishes 43 partnerships

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much Helen Keller Tweet @HFUUSA has established 43 partnerships under its #HFweCare #COVID-19 response campaign! We want to honor

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The long hours and days that go into preparing to run a food pantry for one day are often overlooked. One day of action often has several days of planning

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Toledo – A Phone Call

It began with a phone call. Musa Lughmani did not know how much that phone call was going to change his life and the lives of others. He had called

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