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Suriname Flood Relief

Suriname, located next to Guyana in South America, was overtaken by substantial flooding inland, caused by torrential rainfall since the beginning of May 2006. It was estimated that 25,000 to 30,000 square kilometers were flooded and that 25,000 people were directly affected by the rising water levels. Many of these people lived in the remote lowlands, where there were 157 villages and most of the families lived in thatched-roofed houses.


Humanity First Approach

Since Humanity First was not registered in Suriname as an NGO, a volunteer from the US east coast was dispatched to Suriname on May 24, 2006 with another team to provide the desperately needed life supporting supplies to the affected area.


  • Two trucks were arranged along with 19 volunteers to purchase and deliver the relief supplies. The supplies had to be delivered to the military National Coordination Center for Disaster Control, as the Ministry of Defense was coordinating all the relief efforts
  • All supplies were being airlifted by helicopter out to the affected areas, due to lack of infrastructure in that part of the country
  • Rice, cooking oil, cans of milk, canisters of Quaker Oats, cartons of White Oats, bottled water, cartons of sardines in tomato paste, cartons of peanut butter, cartons of brown Beans, bags of sugar , cartons of biscuits for children, cans of baby formula, cartons of match sticks and cartons of White Oaks were bought and delivered
  • It was estimated that the supplies that Humanity First team made available provided 1,000 meals daily for a period of 60 days

Next Steps

Humanity First, USA will continue to explore further possibilities in providing assistance to the people of this nation upon successful registration of Humanity First in Suriname.


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