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Overview of the Feed the Hungry in America Program's First Year


In March 2012, Humanity First USA launched the Feed the Hungry in America (FHA) program, under the direction of Dr. Shanaz Butt.Theprogram'smission is to reduce hunger and wastage of foodto make America hunger free, and this was successfully accomplished in their first through means of various projects in local communities across the United States. From April to December, FHA secured great success in their first year through a collective effort from cities across the USA. In summary, through the efforts of FHA, 3,257 Americans received meals, 10,183 items of food items were collected, and $11,975.00 was fundraised for this cause. Additionally, 350 Humanity First volunteers dedicated a total of 3,116 hoursof service in these efforts.

The following are some highlights of the efforts made by Humanity First volunteers:

Detroit, Michigan

In Detroit, Humanity First volunteers collected over 500 cans during an Ahmadiyya Muslim Women's Auxiliary sports tournament held in the spring. Through a Member Driven Technologies (MDT) food drive, 1,800 cans and non-perishable food items and $55 in cash donations wascollected and donated to Gleaners Food Pantry. A local Feed the Hungry in America food drive took place in Detroit, Michigan from May to June 2012. This food drive successfully raised over $300, and over 1,000 cans were collected and brought to the first annual Feed the Hungry in America food drive in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

In September, a garage sale raised $1063, and two young Humanity First volunteers, Amber Perron (8 years old) and Inaya Butt (10 years old) collected 800 non-perishable food items for Humanity First during their Ramadan Food Drive. Additionally, Alina Ahmad (9 years old) from Detroit raised $970 for Feed the Hungry in America.

Atlanta, Georgia

In June, aFeed the Hungry in America food drive held outside a local Wal-Mart, and $43 in food items was donated to the Dalton's Greater Work Food Pantry. Additionally, Feed the Hungry in America collection boxes were set up in locations around the community, and over 100 items were collected through this effort.

Vancouver, Washington

The nationwide Feed the Hungry food drive campaign was announced at the 'Circle of Peace' meeting in May 2012, for the local Share Shelter summer Feed the Hungry in America program in Vancouver, Washington. The United Church of Christ (UCC) offered their support by organizing a food drive at its church. The congregation was introduced to Humanity First USA and the Feed the Hungry in America program and requested their support. The UCC raised $185 in donations for the Share Shelter and 40 items of food. Additionally, another food drive was held in the local Vancouver community during the months of May and June. There was a total of 88 items of food collected for the Share Shelter's summer Feed the Hungry program.

New Jersey

During the summer, a bake sale was held at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Women's Auxiliary sports tournament in New Jersey to raise funds for the Feed the Hungry campaign. The Humanity First volunteers raised $100 with their efforts at this event.
In Willingboro, New Jersey, Feed the Hungry in America has launched a food pantry. The Humanity First volunteers here serve the hungry once a month, and have built relationships with local communities, including the Quaker Church, Catholic Charities, and Human Relations Commission.

From May to November 2012, a total of 624 children, 756 adults, and 100 seniors were served. There are 20 Humanity First volunteers that commit to 120 service hours at the Willingboro food pantry every month.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

In December, 300-bagged lunches were prepared and disrupted to the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank.

Silicon Valley, California

During the summer, Humanity First volunteers held two local fundraisers; a total of $1,140 was collected for the efforts of Feed the Hungry in America. In December, a one-month food supply was delivered to 5 refugee families living in Santa Clara County, serving a total of 19 individuals in need.

1stAnnual Feed the Hungry in America Food Drive

The first annual Feed the Hungry Food Drive began in May and culminated during the last weekend of June in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The intent was to draw attention to the growing problem of hunger in America, engage neighborhoods, communities and corporations to support this cause and collect non-perishable food items. A total of 3,400 non-perishable food items were collected at the final event held the last weekend of June. Part of the collections was donated to the Pennsylvania Food Bank in Harrisburg and the remaining items were distributed to Feed the Hungry in America food pantries. The total collections from the Annual Feed the Hungry food drive were 7,229 non-perishable food items and $5,102,55 in cash donations.

Thanksgiving 2012 Feed the Hungry in America Food Drive

In Buffalo, New York, 138 hot meals were served at Heart and Soul Soup Kitchen. Also, during Twinning Weekend 2012, Humanity First worked with Building Bridges to hold a food drive, and donated canned food to a Western New York food bank.

In Dallas, there was a Thanksgiving food drive held at two different locations in Dallas: Fun Asia & Market Street. People from Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and other cities and more than 70 visitors participated in this Thanksgiving food drive. A total of $3,746 and 2,284 pounds of food were donated to the North Texas Food Bank as a result of the drive.

Chicago, Illinois

Kasid Naeem, a Humanity First volunteer from Illinois, organized a Feed the Hungry in America Food Drive in his community as a part of his sociology class at Waubonsie Valley High School. From November 2012 to January 2013, he went door to door in the local community to collect non-perishable food items as well as other basic supplies. He collected over 70 non-perishable food items and other supplies which were dropped off at the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry on January 4, 2013. As he dropped off the collections, he was able to witness the families who had come to receive food and other necessities from the food pantry, and was moved to see the emotion and appreciation on the faces of these individuals who he was able to assist through the Feed the Hungry in America program.

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