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Humanity First USA Executive Director to Travel to Haiti, Expand Local Projects

Humanity First USA Executive Director, MunumNaeem, will be traveling to Haiti on Thursday, February 16, 2012, to meet with the Humanity First team and review plans for future humanitarian projects in local communities. Dr. AslamDaud, the chairman for Humanity First Canada, will also be joining Mr. Naeem.

Two years after Humanity First disaster response teams provided relief in Haiti to the victims of catastrophic earthquake that devastated the country, Humanity First has sustained a presence by developing long-term initiatives. Dr. Clayton Bell serves as the Country Director to Haiti and with the help of Kyle Denison Martin, he has established several successful Humanity First programs since 2010, including the Community Health Workers project and the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic in June 2010, which has served over 12,000 impoverished Haitians.

The key focus of Mr. Naeem’s trip will be the Humanity First Primary School that is expected to open doors to over 200 students in April. The Primary School has been in session since the start of the school year in October with an enrollment of 172 students. The site, which is currently under construction, includes a 6-classroom building, as well as offices for the new Cloud Forest Medical Clinic. Underneath the structure there will be an 11,500-gallon water reservoir to provide access to potable water for the local community.

Humanity First projects in Haiti have been growing steadily and we have been able to help thousands of Haitians rebuild their country and their lives. The Humanity First team hopes to not only maintain their presence in Haiti, but increase their impact through future projects that will continue to restore communities and build futures.

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Humanity First is registered in 43 countries across 6 continents, and has been working on human development projects and responding to disasters since 1994. These have included the earthquakes in Turkey, Pakistan, Japan and Iran, floods in Africa and Latin America, hurricanes (Katrina and Rita) , tornado's (Kansas) and wild fires (California) in the USA, Indonesia and Bangladesh, and conflicts in Eastern Europe.

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Since its inception and IRS registration in 2004, Humanity First has been focused on spending most of the raised funds on direct program related expenses. As a result, more than 90% of its funds are in that expense category. This is achieved through dedicated volunteers in its management, and program operation teams.

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