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Guyana IT Center

Since the 1980s, Guyana’s educational system deteriorated and has not been able to produce the quality of personnel badly needed to modernize its economy. The educational system does not focus on the training of Guyanese in technical and vocational subjects, business management, and computer science. In addition, there is significant inequality (in terms of education) with the availability, quality, and physical facilities in which it is provided.


To alleviate part of the educational crises, Humanity First USA opened up a computer training center geared to provide basic computer skills to those who can least afford them. The course tuition is set at a fraction of what current rates run, and students are regularly selected from low-income sectors to receive free training. HF has put together a team, comprised of Americans and Guyanese members, to assess the need, benefit, cost, best location, etc. of opening such a center.

Though startup costs are not minimal, proper upkeep and PR of this center should very soon allow for income to provide finances needed to keep the center running. The computer center is located in Berbice, Guyana. The following statistics show the effectiveness of this computer training center in Guyana:

  • HF USA provided the initial seed money along with 25 computers to set up the school
  • The HF USA team is providing operations support along with required mentoring
  • Presently, around 30 registered students
  • About 20% are on full scholarship
  • Students are taught different software packages, such as MS Office
  • The graduated students have been able to find employment in the local community


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Humanity First is registered in 43 countries across 6 continents, and has been working on human development projects and responding to disasters since 1994. These have included the earthquakes in Turkey, Pakistan, Japan and Iran, floods in Africa and Latin America, hurricanes (Katrina and Rita) , tornado's (Kansas) and wild fires (California) in the USA, Indonesia and Bangladesh, and conflicts in Eastern Europe.

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Since its inception and IRS registration in 2004, Humanity First has been focused on spending most of the raised funds on direct program related expenses. As a result, more than 90% of its funds are in that expense category. This is achieved through dedicated volunteers in its management, and program operation teams.

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