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June 2011 Newsletter Update: Live from the Cloud Forest of Haiti


As June winds to an end we celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary in the Cloud Forest Medical Clinic. The past revolution around the Sun has brought many surprises and allowed us the opportunity to serve the healthcare needs of over 8,000 impoverished Haitians from the local community.

We have treated a wide spectrum of diseases including cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid fever, pneumonia, UTIs, STDs, worms, GERD, HTN and many more. In addition to providing healthcare for infectious and chronic diseases we have also helped those with acute and serious injuries. On numerous occasions we have sewn up patients who were helped or carried by donkey to our remote mountain clinic with life threatening machete injuries or tragic motorcycle accidents. During the recent cholera epidemic we were also at the forefront of the Cholera Education & Prevention Campaign for the Sud-Est Mountains and even established a Cholera Treatment Center to help save as many lives as possible. Our other large scale healthcare initiative is the Community Healthcare Workers Program which was established this year by Kyle Martin, MPH. The CHWs specialize in preventable disease, sanitation education and also care for those with chronic illnesses. Unfortunately the overwhelming poverty in our area causes many of the children living here to often go hungry. Sadly the babies, young girls and elderly often take the brunt of this preventable health crisis. To help fill as many starving stomachs as possible we have implemented the Orphan & Malnutrition Project. Through this program we provide much needed high energy supplemental foodstuffs and milk formula.

Haiti School Project

Realizing that “Education is the door to a better future” we are providing these lucky children with the key. Over the past year we have provided educational scholarships for over 45 children and adolescent students (1st grade – 12th grade). We have also provided personal school supply kits to over 400 students at the Christian Emmanuelle and Bon Samaritan Primary Schools in the rural mountain village of Baie d’ Orange, Haiti.

To make a much greater impact in the quality of life for these children we are currently in the process of building a new Humanity First Primary School. This top-notch 6 classroom educational facility will provide a conducive learning environment for 200 children (including those pictured above) starting next fall. Construction is coming along very quickly; the foundation is now complete and the walls are about to go up this week. Completion of the new primary school is expected to be late July/early August. Everyone is working very hard to ensure that the school is ready for the kids this upcoming fall semester.

To learn more about our ongoing projects please visit our websites at www.usa.humanityfirst.org and www.humanityfirst.ca.

For more photographs of the Haiti School Project construction visit: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.246460052046612.80312.100000478583380


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saba farooq
Commented on Wednesday, 30th November 2011
Its amazing I have a week off at the end of December so as my friends I am an internal medicine intern let me know how can I join you guys at Christmas to help. I would love to be a part of team.
Commented on Friday, 11th May 2012
I would love to be a part of team.
saadat virk
Commented on Sunday, 18th November 2012
November 17th 2012 i went to long Ireland NY USA there i spend 7 hours for helping for those people who effected by sandy storm there i do three jobs inn different home for helping to pickup heavy stuff from home to outside and also do some work inside the home to broke those inside walls which one effected by water but one thing i feel there that all members of my team every one fell active and do good with happy mood and those local peoples are very happy when they know that different peoples come from different places of USA and do travel from 6 to 12 hours away and do help those effected people just for humanity as a humanity first Allah give us more do for helping other humans thanks
Emmanuela Noel
Commented on Wednesday, 22nd May 2013
i would love to join... good job and God bless
Tahira Ahmad-Khan
Commented on Wednesday, 4th June 2014
AssalamOAlaikum My family and I have recently moved to the US from London UK and I am working for Johnson and Johnson. I worked in the HF UK team from the ladies side training regional reps under the ladies HF director Mrs Bushra Ahmed. I would be honored to get involved here in HF USA in any capacity can as I believe wholly in this truly amazing charity and its vision. I am based in PA - 3 hrs drive from Baltimore. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Jazakamullah
muhammad shahbaz
Commented on Thursday, 23rd April 2015
aslamualaikum .i am first time join the humanity first .i like so much
sheraz ahmed
Commented on Wednesday, 29th April 2015
Assalam o alikum I am very satisfied to join humanity first. I live in Qadian India and I am fully devoted for humanity first . InshaAllah
Arif Quraishy
Commented on Sunday, 3rd May 2015
Assalamoalakum my name is Arif Quraishy I am a clinical Pharmacist with a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree. My area of expertise are Critical care and internal medicine. A proud born Ahmadi let me know if you have any medical camps in near future. I will love to join the group. . arif Tucson AZ
Manish Singh Parihar
Commented on Sunday, 6th December 2015
i would love to join
Annissia Hilliard
Commented on Monday, 12th September 2016
I would love to join I intern at Richmond county health department and I also volunteered at the veterans hospital on Wrightsboro road Augusta Georgia
AmatulMuid Anderson
Commented on Tuesday, 3rd October 2017
This blog should include the wonderful work that has taken place since 2011.


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