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Helping Hurricane Ike Survivors


Tears of Gratitude

On October 12th Humanity First volunteers, Dr. Ali and Bob Cobb, presented a Target gift card to Kevin "Pork Chop" Freeman after he lost every thing in the wake of Hurricane Ike. Kevin and his family lived in Port Bolivar and lost their two cars and their house where only the deck he built last year remains. Currently he is living in San Leon in a trailer home that one of his relatives has lent him and his insurance has so far only paid for a rental car. He remains tremendously upbeat in this difficult time though he became emotional when Humanity First presented him the $300 gift card.



Problems with Mold Infestation in Galveston Island

Humanity First Team purchased over $1,000 worth of cleaning supplies for residents living in Galveston Island for cleaning the mass infestation of mold in their homes since the entire island was . In partnership with the Jesse Tree Organization, an NGO working with the City of Galveston's Emergency Management Office, these supplies will be distributed to those who would best benefit from them.

Humanity First Team reports that although the Galveston area is still under 8PM curfew, it is much more safer now. Unfortunately, the entire Galveston Island is still at least 3 feet under water.



Snacks Delivered to James S. Bay Elementary School

  • will serve approximately 100 school children for 3 days
  • Breakfast bars and fruit bars
  • Snacks such as pretzels, chips and cookies

Relief delivered to Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church

  • these supplies will help approximately 200 people
  • food, health and hygiene items and household items donated to Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church, a Point of Distribution (POD) for hurricane victims



Medical Assessment and Hurricane Ike BBQ Fundraiser

  • Humanity First (HF) First Response Team visited shelters in the local Houston area to determine if additional medical assistance was needed from HF doctors
  • HF begins preparations for a Hurricane Ike BBQ Fundraiser in the local Houston-Galveston area (TBD) for Sunday, September 28th from 2:00-6:00pm. All funds raised will be used for providing food and supplies, medical relief, and other necessities for Hurricane Ike victims. Please visit our website for more information.



Relief delivered to Chambers County Shelter and Freeport Lake Shelter (approximately 600 lbs. of delivery)

  • Personal care items
  • Baby formula and diapers
  • Food and water
  • Bath towels, sanitizers, and over-the-counter cold relief medicines



Relief Delivered to Harris County Shelters

  • Baby items: diapers and baby formula
  • Personal care items: body soap, toothpaste, brushes, and deodorant



A 2nd and 3rd Humanity First Teams arrived in the region on the evenings of September 20th and 21st with a focus to serve coastal areas outside of Houston. The additional teams focused on Harris County, Chambers County, and the Seabrook/Clear Lake areas where Humanity First's assessment team has reported extensive damage and ongoing short term needs. Food and supplies valued at more than $2,000 have been delivered to over 200 hurricane survivors.



Humanity First Team Deployed to Assess Situation

A first responder team has been dispersed by Humanity First USA to assess the situation on the ground, and is working to transport blankets, sleeping bags, collapsible cots, and clothing items to the devastated areas as needed.



Ike Hits Galveston: Humanity First Planning Relief Response

Sunday saw great devastation in Texas and other southern parts of the country when Hurricane Ike made landfall. Sweeping first through the Caribbean and claiming 80 lives, the category 2 storm proceeded into the Gulf, submerging Galveston followed by mainland Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas. The center of Hurricane Ike slammed into Galveston, Texas at 2 am on September 13th and moved inland across the Galveston-Houston area, knocking out power, water and sewer services, toppling trees, damaging buildings and leaving 31 people dead so far. The Texas Public Utilities Commission estimates that more than 2.4 million customers are without power and the U.S. Energy Department says 400,000 others are without power in Louisiana and Arkansas. Tap water has been declared unsafe to drink in cities such as Houston. In Galveston, winds as high as 110 mph have blocked all forms of communication and have left survivors with no gas or food. As shelters fill up in coastal areas and major cities, the shortage in food and water is making the situation increasingly desperate.

In the past Humanity First has provided disaster relief services for Katrina in 2005, followed by several post-disaster rebuilding projects. Now, HF teams are ready to leverage Katrina relief experience to respond and provide any relief services needed by survivors of Hurricane Ike.


How You Can Help

The best ways to support Hurricane Ike relief efforts is to volunteer and/or donate cash (please designate your donation to "Disaster Relief Fund" while setting up your donation).

Next Steps

HF will be providing updates through this website and email communications to our supporters. If you have not registered already, please take a moment and register on this site to stay updated.


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Jeannette Kloet
Commented on Sunday, 17th January 2010
To whom it may concern. I just don't understand why the government of Haiti does not cremate all the bodies..They are father's motherss sister's brother's etc. Having them piled up is a hard view to watch. Some earth is not enough to cover and imagine it starts to rain. May God help there souls...JK
Vicki Come
Commented on Monday, 18th January 2010
I would like to volunteer to help I am a medical person with tons of skills to offer but can not find any one to do to Haiti with. Any one out there with some ideas?
fiji saleem
Commented on Wednesday, 20th January 2010
You Guys are doing great job.
yahya waseem
Commented on Wednesday, 27th January 2010
A community like humanity first born to serve the mankind and betterment of the localities around them. I hail their efferts. God bless them all
Commented on Tuesday, 16th February 2010
Am a Kenyan aged 40 years ready to volunteer in Keyan and anywhere in the world. Am a proffesional driver with good inter personal skills fire fighting skills and part time doing chilren intertainment.
Dodi Kurniawan
Commented on Monday, 8th March 2010
Great men with great jobs...I wish someday could join this blessing community...God bless you all


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