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Humanity First and Chinese Earthquake Victims


A massive 7.9 earthquake shook central China, affecting more than 10 million people and leaving more than 51,151 people confirmed dead, 29,328 people missing and over 300,000 people injured in its wake, according to authorities. With its origin starting six miles deep into the ground, the quake was felt as far as the coastal city of Beijing, as well as Thailand and Vietnam.

In the Sichuan Province alone, 80% of the buildings have been torn down. A total of 313 aftershocks following the 3 minute quake have left people fearful, with thousands cut off and in the darkness. Getting medical treatment for earthquake victims is proving to be a struggle, both for the injured and for exhausted medical workers who survived the quake. Rescuers have moved from poring through the rubble of homes, buildings, and offices to starting the gruesome task of searching for bodies.

After consultation with the Chinese government, Humanity First will be deploying its first responder medical team to the region as soon as visas are cleared by the Chinese government. To help in the recovery and relief efforts for victims of the Chinese earthquake, monetary aid is also needed so that doctors and medical supplies can be transported immediately.

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