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Cyclone Nargis Hits Myanmar


Humanity First Team Departing to Myanmar

On May 2nd, Cyclone Nargis, a Category III Cyclone, hit Myanmar and devastated villages in the Irrawaddy delta areas as well as the capital Yangon (Rangoon). As one of the worst cyclones to hit Asia in decades, Nargis has left over 77,738 people dead, 55,917 people missing, and an estimated $10+ billion worth of damages . In many villages, reports suggest that 30% of the population has perished. Over a 2.4 million people are now believed to be homeless and destitute, many of them young children. They lack shelter, medication, food and clean water, and require urgent assistance. The Myanmar authorities have declared five regions Yangon, Bago, Kayin, Ayeyarwady and Mon as disaster areas.

Humanity First has assembled a multinational team of physicians and volunteers for deployment to the disaster-struck region. This five-member first response team will be departing the United Kingdom as soon as visas are cleared by the Burmese government. Humanity First volunteers in Bangkok have also been actively meeting with the UN OCHA teams as part of these deployment efforts.

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Saturday, 10th May 2008

Update: Humanity First Medical Team to Depart for Mayanmar

Map of HF Activities in BurmaOver 10 days have passed since Cyclone Nargis struck Myanmar, and authorities are still struggling to get to the worst affected villages in the delta region. The latest official figures show 34,000 dead, 28,000 missing and over a million displaced and in danger. The ongoing wet weather and the danger of a further cyclone has added to the terrible situation. Many survivors are on the move and living without any shelter from the elements, or access to medical attention or clean water. Away from the city access to food has been erratic, and there have been several instances of desperate people fighting over scraps.

Humanity First has been raising funds to provide relief to cyclone victims and has been delighted at the way resources such as medication, plasma and other supplies have been made available from generous Humanity First donors and partners. Further supplies are likely to be procured closer to Myanmar where they are widely available and can be purchased more economically.

Humanity First has been working with Myanmar authorities to make preparations for a team of HF physicians to be deployed to Myanmar. HF is also working with the UN and other NGOs to share information and intelligence, and to ensure that once the main relief effort begins, it is coordinated, consistent and effective.


Tuesday, 13th May 2008

Update: Humanity First Provides Medicine and Clothing to Cyclone Victims

On May 10th and 13th, a group of Humanity First Myanmar volunteers visited cyclone-devasted areas in Myanmar to include the MyaungMya District and the Laputta District as well as other surrounding villages. Humanity First donated medical supplies to cyclone victims as well as clothing valued at 3 million kyats ($2,300 USD).

HF Team in Burma

HF Team in Burma

HF Team in Burma


Monday, 19th May 2008

Update: Humanity First Medical Team On Standby

In conjunction with Myanmar authorities, Humanity First is working to plan medical operations and has a team of doctors on standby awaiting approval to start work. HF is very grateful to our partners such as B Braun, AquaBoxes and others who have donated over 500 litres of saline fluids, over 1000 IV cannulae, antibiotics and water filtration boxes. A shipment of essential items is also being prepared to be sent to cyclone victims. Humanity First also greatly appreciates the steady donations given by caring individuals worldwide, and we urge people to donate as much as they can, and as often as they can so that together we can continue provide greater assistance to the Myanmar cyclone survivors.

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